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Sania Rambali Conklin

  • Sania Rambali Conklin is a well-known name in the real estate field. She is an expert in real estate investing, apart from being the best residential and commercial real estate agent in Ontario. Her professional background is solid both then and nowadays. Before finding out about her current profile, let's check what her former professional profile says!

    Best Residential and Commercial Real Estate Agent - As mentioned earlier, Sania Rampalli Conklin is the best residential and commercial real estate agent in Ontario.

    Top Real Estate Investment Expert - Sania Conklin is also Ontario's best real estate investment expert.

    Best Real Estate Planner - Due to her innovative ideas and creative skills, Sania Rambali Conklin is the best real estate planner in Ontario.

    Extensive client base: Sania Rambali provides real estate purchase support to clients and, thus, forms the basis of her broad client base.

Westbank Corp.

  • Westbank is a practice dedicated to the creation of beauty in all its forms and its broadest definition. But, unfortunately, as they grew, the real estate developer category needed to narrower to contain their practices' core.

Leonard Commercial Real Estate, Brokerage

  • They always put people first. The philosophy of work-life balance empowers them and helps them achieve mutually beneficial and beneficial outcomes. There is no short-term gain at Lennard; long-term relationships keep their business growing. Their entrepreneurial spirit makes them always rooted in harmony with the society they are a part of. They only work with honest, like-minded people who gravitate toward creativity, freedom, equality, and opportunity.

Concord Pacific

  • Concorde has not only transformed Vancouver's Concorde Pacific Place skyline, but the group has also built the second largest master-planned community, Concord City Place in Toronto (Concorde Addis), as well as other large-scale communities across the country while also expanding to London, United Kingdom and Seattle, United States. Concorde has built more than 150 towers, with an additional 50 buildings in various planning and development stages. In addition, Concorde is committed to numerous care and charities at the neighborhood and city levels. It has also made art accessible to community neighborhoods by creating Canada's most extensive public art program. Over the past 30 years, the Concorde group of companies has diversified into business sectors such as software, information technology, telecommunications, and green energy projects in solar, wind, and hydropower generation.

Maxwell Realty Canada

  • MaxWell® Realty is a proud Canadian real estate franchise company founded in Alberta in 1999 by two daring leaders in real estate.

    Maxwell was founded on the principle of providing leading customer services with honesty and integrity to our customers.

    It is an organization that believes many clients are looking for a real estate company that still provides services that embody the old fashion values ??of honesty, integrity, and professionalism.


Amazon's vision is to continue to be one of Canada's largest and most successful construction companies for decades to come. Laying the foundation par excellence today, Amazon controls all aspects of
The development process includes the following:

  • site acquisition
  • project design
  • development
  • Building
  • sales and marketing

Pinnacle International

  • Pinnacle International is one of Canada's leading builders of luxury residences, hotels, and commercial projects in Canada. Headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, Pinnacle has been involved in the development, design, construction, and management of its projects for more than three decades. Pinnacle projects have contributed to the development of communities, enriching these neighborhoods through complementary architectural expressions.

Whistler Real Estate Co., Ltd.

  • Whistler Real Estate Company Ltd. Complete real estate services in Whistler and Pemberton since 1978. Whistler Real Estate Company Limited has helped thousands live the Whistler dream for over three decades. We've been consistently ranked as the number one real estate company in Whistler for all those years, and good reason.

Real Estate Allied REIT

  • Allied was initially best known for its pioneering role in the emergence of Class A workspace, a format created through the adaptive reuse of light industrial structures. This form typically features high ceilings, abundant natural light, exposed structural framing, interior brickwork, and hardwood floors. Repurposed to high standards, first-class workspaces cater to the most demanding office and shop users.