Europe Service travels dental tourism insurance


Europe Service travels dental tourism insurance

Importance of dental Insurance when Travelling Europe

When planning the trip abroad, everyone starts with the basics:

  • Booking airline tickets and hotel rooms.
  • Planning packing lists and itineraries.
  • Scheduling much-needed vacation time.

However, as you get caught up in the excitement of your next vacation, it's easy to forget about worst-case-scenario planning. While most trips will continue unchecked, it is essential to consider rainy-day scenarios such as the medical emergencies by purchasing comprehensive travel and the dental insurance.

Even in many cases where the people purchase travel insurance, it is rare for travelers to sign up for proper international dental insurance before traveling. Typical travel insurance usually includes a small degree of dental coverage, which may seem satisfactory at first glance. Still, when you look into the plan's details, most travel insurance plans cover less than £5,000 for dental treatment. Given the typical costs of emergency treatment, this is rarely sufficient. In addition, there may be other obstacles, including a long waiting period between medicine and the time when you can file a claim.

Even if you have good dental insurance, it may not cover you out of the country, so check your insurance company's policies before you travel. When traveling abroad, many basic dental plans cover only X-rays, filling replacements, and emergency repair of broken teeth. Additional necessary dental treatment, such as replacing broken crowns, dentures, or bridges, may not be covered internationally by basic dental insurance. Make sure you know your dental insurance, as you may need additional coverage when traveling.

Why you should always have the international dental insurance

  • Getting appropriate global dental coverage is essential, especially in an emergency. In an uninsured medical emergency, you will have to pay directly out of pocket when traveling abroad. Whether it was an accident resulting in injuries to your teeth, mouth, or throat, or something as simple as a sudden toothache, you may need emergency dental help.
  • As anyone from the UK knows, dental treatment can be expensive without proper coverage. This is still the case abroad. Dental visits can be costly depending on the country you are traveling to. Keep in mind that many countries also do not have the same standards of dental practice as the UK, so there may be a wide range of dental care from training to practice. In addition, there may not be the same degree of health conditions as you would expect in the UK, and you will want to make sure you can afford coverage with a high-quality care provider to avoid further problems, such as infection.


ANTONOVA is the private health insurance company in Germany. Founded in 2017, it challenges the status quo of traditional insurance companies. It is the first and only fully private health insurance company 100% digital and officially offers its services in English.

Ontonova won the most prestigious consumer product test in 2020 for the best supplemental private dental insurance policy and offered three different plans for different levels of dental coverage.


  • Feather is a modern insurance broker for ex-pats in Germany. They know the obstacles ex-pats face in Germany and offer all their services 100% digital, easy, and in English. Regarding private dental insurance, Feather offers two different policies: Basic and Advanced. Dental feather insurance begins the next day after purchase without a waiting period.
  • The basic premium depends on age and has a coverage limit for the first two years, starting at ?150 and adding ?150 in the second year. All treatments, except orthodontics, have unlimited coverage starting from the third year of insurance. The maximum limit for orthodontics is 2.000 ? from the third year onwards.

Get safe

  • Get safe is a modern insurance technology company that has revolutionized the traditional insurance industry. 100% digital, easy, and English are three attributes of getting safe. Regarding private dental insurance, Get safe offers one simple basic plan with clear instructions in English about what's covered and what's not.
    Get safe prides itself on super-fast payments within 48 hours after a claim is submitted. Similar to Ottonova and Feather, Get safe dental insurance also comes with a claims scale that spans over four years until you reach unlimited coverage.