Mortgage credit to buy a house in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA


Mortgage credit to buy a house in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

The credit score must be at least 640 for purchasing a single-family or apartment and at least 660 for buying a two- or three-person family home. We also have options for people without any credit history. Agree to live on the property as your primary residence.

Before you start looking for a home or choosing a neighborhood, you want to know what you can afford. If you're only used to renting, you might be surprised at the number of hidden costs of home ownership in addition to closing costs, insurance, and taxes.

A good rule of thumb is to never spend more than 28% of your total monthly income on PITI payments, including principal, interest, taxes, and insurance. Remember that there are other expenses on top of that, and you don't want to end up becoming a poor homesteader.

ONE Mortgage is a 30years fixed rate loan with a 3 percent down payment and some lower interest rates. With ONE Mortgage, you never have to pay for private mortgage insurance (PMI), saving you hundreds of dollars every month. In addition, eligible borrowers will get additional support to lower their monthly installments. The created in 1990 and first known as SoftSecond, ONE Mortgage Loan has helped more than 22,000 low and middle-income families purchase their first home. More than 40 lenders around the Commonwealth offer a single mortgage.

Cambridge, Massachusetts

Cambridge, city, Middlesex County, eastern Massachusetts, United States, located on the north bank of Charles River, partly opposite Boston. Originally settled as the New Towne in 1630 by the Massachusetts Bay Company, it was first organized as town in 1636 when it became the site of the Harvard College (now a university school at Harvard University). The city was renamed Cambridge, England, in 1638 and became the county seat in 1643.

The old part of the Cambridge (around Harvard Square) symbolizes American culture and history. There, the general councils of the churches of New England met in 1637 and 1647 to settle points of disputed doctrine, and from there, the synod of Reverend Thomas Hooker departed for Connecticut in 1636. At the outbreak of American Revolution, the American army camped in what is now Cambridge Common; George Washington assumed command of the Continental Forces on July 3, 1775. The First Massachusetts Constitutional Convention met in Cambridge in 1779-1780.

More beautiful and exclusive places in Cambridge, Massachusetts

See the tremendous historic mansions on Brattle Street
Some of New England's most beautiful and delicate architecture is found on Brattle Street, a street brimming with rich American history. Formerly known as Tory Row, this scenic road paved with brick sidewalks houses residences built in the 1700s.

Stay in Harvard Square, located at one end of Brattle Street, at the Harvard Square Hotel. This will put you close to great exploration opportunities within the two historic homes open to the public: Longfellow National Historic Site and Hooper-Lee-Nichols House.

Go shopping at Faneuil Hall Market

This combination of indoor/outdoor urban shopping splendor has rich roots in Boston's history. Faneuil Hall Marketplace is the great place to stop while visiting Cambridge, with over 70 retailers, foodies from around the world, and a host of enticing street artists.
Shopping is not the only draw. Faneuil Hall is dated 1742 and was expanded in 1826 to include another building. Wander among the beautiful historical architecture. One day may not be enough to explore this attraction, so stay nearby at the Hampton Inn Boston Cambridge. Make sure to visit Quincy Market, right next to Faneuil Hall.

Enjoy creativity at Harvard Art Museums

History in Cambridge is not just about revolution-era buildings and cobbled streets. Harvard Art Museums consist of three buildings and home galleries displaying Chinese to Islamic cultures spanning many eras and much of Ivy League history.

See paintings created in the years following the official beginning of the USA or travel to medieval Europe. The Charles Hotel, within walking distance of the museums, will provide you with a luxurious place to rest your head, conveniently located to explore the museums and Harvard University.

Tourist attractions in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Harvard Square

If there is one thing you will must do in Cambridge, check out Harvard Square. This bustling, pedestrian-friendly area of ??Cambridge is full of energy and charm. There is no shortage of great cafes, bookstores, and shops that you can quickly peruse for half a day. You'll also come across street performers and "smart" students at Harvard, who aren't afraid to let you know they're going to Harvard.

Spend a day eating, shopping, and hanging out as a local students do, and in the evening, you'll have plenty of great bars to choose from. With a great live music scene and plenty of locals and visitors from all over the world to chat with the Harvard Square is a must-see in the heart of Cambridge.
Charles Riverboat Company in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Are you looking to do some sightseeing in Boston and Cambridge? Then, take a tour with the Charles Riverboat Company for the best views. This is the only boat company that operates public and private cruises on the Charles River and Boston. This is truly an unforgettable experience you would not want to miss in Cambridge.

The Charles Riverboat Company offers several narrated tours, including architecture tours, fall foliage tours, cocktails, sunset cruises, and other sightseeing trips. The most popular is the Charles River Tour, which offers views of Harvard, MIT, Boston University, Beacon Hill, Charles River Esplanade, and more.
Relax and enjoy the stunning Boston skyline as you cruise up and down the Charles River. You will quickly see why this is the top things to do in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

The Smoke Shop BBQ

Are you looking to eat at the best grill restaurant in Cambridge? Stop by The Smoke Shop BBQ to eat; you will likely need to eat afterward.

This place serves various award-winning meat dishes, including brisket, ribs, pulled pork, roast chicken, smoked turkey breast, and chicken wings. Fun fact: Smoke Shop BBQ also has the largest selection of whiskeys in New England (more than 250 American whiskeys are available).

The first location opened in the Kendall Square in 2016, and they've since opened new locations in the Assembly Row, the Seaport District, and most recently, Harvard Square. Once you try, you'll see why.
Side note: If you do not eat meat, don't worry! Cambridge is also known for having plenty of vegetarian and vegan restaurants. They've recently spread all over the place, so this is an excellent destination if you fall into either of those two categories. Here are some famous restaurants: Veggie Galaxy, Life Alive Organic Café, Whole Heart

Provisions, and Forage Cambridge.

Industries in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Known for the home of two of world's most famous educational institutions, Cambridge is full of great ideas and innovative attitudes.

Located across the Charles River from the heart of Boston, Cambridge is quickly becoming a popular playground for tech companies and startups.


InterSystems offers a variety of the data technology products that help organizations in finance, life sciences, business, and the government identify and manage data to unlock new capabilities. The company's IRIS data platform enables companies to build high-performance cloud applications with the machine learning capabilities to connect the data and applications, facilitating solutions in healthcare and beyond.

Quick Base

Quick Base is an application-building platform that allows teams to automate processes regardless of prior coding knowledge. From dashboards and workflows to the collaboration and integration tools, users can easily create exactly what they need or choose from over the 800+ pre-built apps.


Bookbub sends personalized deals on books and e-books directly to the user's mailbox. The free service lets readers discover new titles while helping authors and publishers expand their readership and increase sales.
Famous Events in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Mediterranean Markets: Connecting the Ancient World Exhibition

Like today, the ancient "consumers" were attached to distant markets. Both primary and valuable goods from foreign lands are "shipped" to royal palaces, elite possessions - and sometimes rural families - and technological advances in handicrafts and trade cross the boundaries of language, religion, or culture to spread rapidly. Mediterranean Markets explore how the movement of goods, people, and ideas around the ancient Mediterranean changed people's lives and livelihoods at all levels of society and propelled innovations that had lasting effects - even on the modern world.

"Tory Row's Forgotten Souls"

Forgotten Souls of Tory Row: Remembering the Slaves of Brattle Street runs through March 2023. These trees represent the enslaved adults and children of what is now Brattle Street. The bottle tree tradition originated in the West Africa and was brought to the United States by enslaved people. Tradition has been passed down through generations, indicating the survival of a cultural practice despite the limitations of slavery. The distinctive blue and the white bottles were placed on the trees to capture the ancestors' energy, spirit, and memories.
In Search of the Flowers of Thoreau: Exploring Change and Loss
"Searching for Thoreau's Flowers" is a multi-sensory experience at the Harvard Museum of Natural History that combines art and science through a modern interpretation of Henry David Thoreau's preserved plants. This ongoing exhibition is on display until Saturday, December 31 (except for 11/24, 12/24, and 12/25). Museum average admission rates apply.
Thoreau has been prolific in collecting plant specimens, and plants are important indicators of how the world will respond to climate change. The 648 specimens have long been preserved at Harvard University's Herbaria as the basis for this new exhibition. The digitization of these specimens has inspired the creation of beautiful blue patterns that are an indirect conversation with luminous circular selections of Thoreau's originals and immersive, large-scale projections.

Sports Teams of Cambridge, Massachusetts

Boston Breakers

The squad is star-studded - World Cup winner Kristen Lilly, defending model Heather Mets, England stars Kelly Smith and Alex Scott, to name a few, and there were stand-out players like Ali Liebsher and Amy Lilibet.

The Breakers can't compete with the Revs for sheer thrills in my book, but on the other hand, they're in town, and the Revs play pretty coolly in Foxboro.

Boat Racing

Talk about Cambridge in mathematical terms, and most people will think of rowing and the annual Oxford-Cambridge Regatta. Well, kayaking is big business here, with many kayaking clubs frequenting the Cam River from early morning until dusk. New and seasoned rowers practice their strokes on the beautiful calm river while the instructor shouts instructions from a riverside bike.
Cycling and rugby
However, Heston FC is now Cambridge United's biggest rival. Nicknamed "The Stutes" after their original name, Heston Institute, the team is currently in the Southern Football League's First Division. In Peterborough, Peterborough United (commonly known as "The Bush") is Cambridge shire?s highest-ranking team in League One. The matches date back to 1934, and the games are held on London Road. The team's nickname dates back to 1921 when the manager of Fliton United said he was looking for "premium players for a new luxury team."
Rugby fans are well served in Cambridge. Cambridge Rugby Union Football Club (CRUFC), founded in 1923, plays its games at Volac Park on Grantchester Road. Cambridge University Rugby Football Club (CURUFC), dating back to 1872, is a university rugby union club with its headquarters in Grange Street. The club plays a regular match against Oxford at Twickenham every December.

Most beautiful and exclusive places to live in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Harvard Square

Conjoined to the university, Harvard is genuinely a people watcher's paradise. Known as the heart of the Cambridge, the square houses a variety of shops, bars, and attractions that attract students, tourists, street artists, and entrepreneurs alike to create a diverse and colorful street scene. Try the Comedy Studio, located above the Hong Kong restaurant, which features magicians every Tuesday and a lineup of up-and-coming comedians from stand-up comedy Wednesday through Sunday. Set out all the noise and have fun at Harvard Yard, a green building surrounded by red brick green spaces under a canopy of hardwood trees. For a more cheerful feel, head north to Davis Square to find more enthusiasts and curated live music.

Central Square

Central Square is a beacon of unpolished authenticity, from ethnic restaurants and trendy nightclubs to tech startups. The Middle East, a popular lounge and restaurant, opened in 1970 as a Lebanese restaurant and now doubles as a club and the rock venue featuring underground and indie bands. With significant influences of Indian, Nepalese, and Chinese cuisine, Rangzen is a little gem of Central Square. This small Tibetan restaurant offers a laid-back atmosphere, reasonable prices, and delicious food. Don't leave without trying momo (traditional steamed Tibetan dumplings). Finally, the unique flavors of ice cream in Toscanini are second to none. Look out for old favorites like burnt caramel and banana sorbet, but check out mouth-watering flavors like B3 (brown butter, brown sugar, and brownie), kulfi (cardamom, almond, and pistachio), and Roxbury Pudding Stone.

Kendall Square

Kendall Square is no longer a salt swamp, home to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a host of tech companies, and an array of cafes and restaurants. True to its name, Landmark Theaters Kendall Square Cinema has won numerous awards since it opened in 1995. It is known for showing great independent and foreign films and screens new releases and documentaries. Those looking for the perfect outfit or accessory for a themed party should head to Boston Fashion, which has one of the largest collections of costumes in the Boston area. The fourth area relates to using sustainable methods only locally grown and harvested produce. Famous for its pizza, it's not something to miss when you're in the area.