Europe Service travel insurance for medical tourism complication


Europe Service travel insurance for medical tourism complication

Cigna Global

Cigna Global is a reputable global insurance company serving individuals and families living abroad in more than the 200 countries worldwide. Their mission is to help improve the health, well-being, and the sense of security of the people they serve.

Cigna International Health Plans are comprehensive, flexible, and designed to meet all of your needs. In addition, the plans are customizable, allowing you to choose and pay for only the coverage you need.
The Cigna International Health Plan offers three levels of coverage: Cigna Silver, Cigna Gold, and Cigna Platinum. Each plan provides coverage for inpatient and daycare with the option to add outpatient care and other optional units. You can also choose the coverage area you want.

With Cigna's global health benefits, you'll have access to the company's extensive international healthcare network of trusted hospitals, doctors, and other healthcare professionals. The Cigna network is beneficial if the local healthcare system in your country of residence is prohibitively expensive or is known to provide inadequate service. In addition, Cigna Global's customer relations team will also help you find the best doctors and the medical facilities to provide you with the healthcare you need and deserve.

Xplorer Health Insurance

Whether you're an expatriate, an international citizen, or an immigrant family, GeoBlue Health Insurance's Xplorer Health Plan provides coverage within the United States and abroad, whose policies give you access to a significant network of doctors and hospitals. Expect an excellent customer service experience and a flexible design to suit your needs.

GeoBlue Health Insurance's Xplorer plan is one of the best international health plans available today. It combines comprehensive global benefits with the new generation of medical assistance services. These services include the impressive suite of online and mobile tools that allow subscribers to select, access, and pay for high-quality healthcare worldwide.

The GeoBlue Xplorer gives you the freedom to access high-quality healthcare services in and outside the US. However, they highly recommend exploring the GeoBlue Xplorer Essential plan if you only need benefits outside of the US.

Xplorer Essential and Premier plan pricing depends on tolerance, age, coverage area, and additional benefits. GeoBlue offers three coverage options: No US Benefits, Basic US Benefits, and Comprehensive/Full US Benefits. Adding US coverage to a plan will increase the price. So don't buy US coverage if you don't plan to travel to or live in the US.
Discount options (see table of benefits above) are based on out-of-US, in-network, and out-of-US network medical coverage. Xplorer Essential and Premier Plan discounts range from $0 to $5,000. The Xplorer Premier plan also has that option to add the co-insurance.

William Russell Health Insurance

The William Russell International Health Insurance Plan gives you access to private medical care in your country. William Russell has provided medical insurance to expatriates for nearly thirty years, and members in 160 countries trust the company to cover their medical care. The company offers personalized service, with teams on hand 24/7 whenever you need support. They provide limited coverage in the US as an add-on only to keep premiums low.

No matter which level you choose, William Russell Medical Insurance provides access to top-rated hospitals and doctors worldwide. They are also known for their personalized service. As an independently owned insurance company, its subscribers (instead of shareholders) come first. At William Russell, you are a person, not a member number.

If you choose an increase per claim, you will pay that cost but not per treatment. So, for example, if you break a rib and have an excess of $50 per claim, you will only pay $50 on the first visit. This will reduce the cost paid but can increase the out-of-pocket costs.

If you choose an annual increase (deductible per year), you will need to pay up to the first $5,000 of the total treatment you receive annually. After your first $5,000, William Russell will cover all your costs. This will reduce your premium costs, but you will pay out of pocket until you meet the deductible.
Applicants must be under the age of 76; however, once you become a member, you can continue to renew even if you are over 76. You must live outside your country of citizenship (except for people who live in Botswana, Kenya, Nigeria, Mauritius, Estonia, and Malawi, who may take out William Russell's insurance even if they hold a passport for that country).