Many Options for Affordable Private Jet Companies for Your Charter


Many Options for Affordable Private Jet Companies for Your Charter

Demand for private charter planes has skyrocketed since 2020 - in response to limited flight options and the travelers' need for personal space, which commercial airports don't exactly provide. With group flights canceled across the country and mini-route offerings from major US airlines, commercial air travel is far from in demand, creating space for luxury travelers to cross over to the dark side of private aviation.

For those who toy with idea of ??private jet travel, trying to sort through the myriad options, we called an expert to narrow down the best private jet companies for your jet.

Options for Affordable Private Jet Companies for Your Charter

These are the best cheap private jet charter services - let's look at their in-depth reviews and find the one that best meets your needs.

Villiers Jets

  • First on our list of cheap private jet charter services is Villiers Jets, amongst the largest network of luxury private jet charter services with over 10,000 aircraft across 40,000 locations worldwide. Whatever your destination, reason for travel, or size of passengers, Villiers does all the hard work to plan your next trip and provides you with the perfect plane and crew - wherever you are, whenever you want it.

    The Villiers also offers the largest global network of private jets among all competitors, direct operator pricing, and real-time quotes, making it a single platform to charter private jets with utmost ease and efficiency.

    Moreover, they have partnerships with travel agents in more than 30 countries and offer 24/7 service, where you can find prices and availability of their planes worldwide. The direct operator pricing and availability of empty legs make them able to offer some of the cheapest flights you can get, which is the cherry on top, making it the primary choice when it comes to chartering an affordable private jet.

  • Number of aircraft: 10,000
  • Number of sites: 40.000
  • Number of countries: 30+
  • 24×7 customer service
  • Customized personalized service
  • JetClub Membership - No Membership Fee
  • Direct Operator Pricing
  • quotes in real time

Vida Jets

  • Today, with modern travelers' demands for the highest level of service and comfort, Vida Jets is a leading airline offering a wide range of charter options, world-class destinations, and exceptional service.
    The Jet specialists from Vida Jet can customize your itinerary according to your requirements to get the best experience. So, whether traveling with your family and friends or on a business trip with your company guests, Vida Jets will handle everything for you. The Vida Jet also offers the Jet Traveler app that allows you to organize all aspects of your trip anytime and anywhere.


  • Luxury Ground Transportation
  • On a leisure trip
  • Gourmet food is available
  • 24/7 concierge service
  • There are no membership fees
  • JetTraveler app
  • Vida Highland Membership

Private Jet Finder

  • Private Jet Finder is among the original personal jet booking services that have been in the business for over 20 years. This innovative private jet charter service is ideal for business people, executives and professionals looking to fly on their private jets. With the flights to over 170+ countries, Private Jet Finder makes private flying very simple.
    The Private Jet Finder makes organizing your flight very easy. With just a phone call or some clicks on your computer, the experienced operators of the Private Jet Finder will guide you through entire flight planning exercise and will be there to assist you until you complete your flight. In addition, with the Private Jet Finder, travelers can now find all the private jet features they want without owning one.


  • Number of countries: 170
  • Aircraft types: light, medium, and large jets
  • Qualified flight crews
  • State-of-the-art fleet
  • Experienced operators
  • instant quote

Stratos Jet

  • Next on the list of our best cheap private jet charters is Stratos Jets. At Stratus Jet Charters, safety is a paramount concern. For every private jet charter, Stratos Jet strives to provide the highest value and service levels. The company offers the most suitable aircraft according to your requirements and continuous support while planning your entire trip. The expert flight consultants at Stratus Jets ensure you get your preferred operator and aircraft. Once your flight is booked, Stratus Jet's flight support team coordinates all the details, such as ground transportation, in-flight catering, itinerary updates, etc.
    StratusJet's flight program has been reviewed and certified for safety by the aviation safety audit firm Argus. So, whether you are looking for the long-range capabilities of a heavy aircraft or a turboprop's agile and economic performance, Stratos will find the right private jet charter for you. In addition, you can count on StratosJet to provide personal jet charter services for business or leisure.


  • Expert Aviation Consultants
  • Long and highly respected record
  • Trip support at all times
  • aircraft catering
  • ground transportation
  • Itinerary Updates
  • Certified Seller Program
    ARG / US Certified for Safety

Lucky Jets

  • Last on our cheap private jet charter list is Lucky Jets. Founded in 2008, Lucky Jets is a personal jet charter service that offers private jets to and from Las Vegas. Whatever type of plane you want and your group size, be it 4 to 400, Lucky Jets has you covered. In addition, lucky Jets offers pier-to-pier service, from ground transportation to handling your luggage straight to your hotel room.
  • When you arrive at Lucky Jet's Executive Terminals, you can enjoy many perks, such as hassle-free instant check-in and free parking. In addition, you won't have to stand in long security queues; upon landing, you can get your limousine right from the tarmac.
  • With Lucky Jets, you can be sure of all your travel details without any last-minute surprises, and the price includes all flight charges. Lucky Jets' sole mission is to provide affordable and cheap private jet charter services that can enhance your personal, vacation, corporate, or business travel.


  • Las Vegas rental service like no other
  • berth to berth service (including ground transportation)
  • Baggage handling
  • Group travel arrangements
  • Free Parking
  • Instant check-in
  • No hassles, no obligation to quote
  • Weekly empty leg deals


A newcomer in the private charter industry, ViroFly quickly made a name for itself. With one of the fastest growing customer bases, ViroFly offers approximately 10,000 private jets to customers with 2,800 licensed operators worldwide. In addition, ViroFly provides a wide range of aircraft that customers can choose from - small, medium, and large aircraft, regional aircraft, long-range aircraft, large aircraft, helicopters, and empty legs.

Whatever your needs, ViroFly's team of experts will find you the best aircraft at the best price. ViroFly's private jet and aircraft operators meet the highest standards of safety and expertise and serve a wide range of individuals, businesses, etc.


  • Number of private planes: 10,000
  • Licensed Operators: 2800
  • Wide range of aircraft
  • Hourly Fee
  • Reception and Guidance Services
  • Customized menu

City Jet Inc

Started in 2000, City Jet is a private jet charter company headquartered in Montgomery, Alabama. Over the past few years, City Jet has grown into a respected sales and rental company in the industry. The company works with about nine aircraft providers to provide luxury jet services.

CityJet's primary focus is its passengers' safety, and detailed aircraft inspections are carried out before each flight. So, if you're looking for a reliable jet charter company with deep aviation experience and working knowledge of the industry - without the need to travel to remote locations City Jet Inc, it's a solid option.


  • Easy booking process
  • JetSmart
  • Small but responsive team