Mortgage credit to buy a house in San Diego, California, USA


Mortgage credit to buy a house in San Diego, California, USA

Before looking at homes, going for open houses, or contacting a real estate agent, you should determine how much you can afford on the home. This is why budgeting and understanding your finances are so important. Knowing the condition of your finances will help you decide which price range you should consider. Check out our mortgage calculator to help you determine your affordability range.

Home prices vary between neighborhoods, but the median home price in San Diego as of 2020 is $634,000. This can be expensive for many looking to buy a home in San Diego. Determining how much you can afford is essential to finding the right home for you, your family, and your budget. Important information to consider:

Cost of Living in San Diego

  • Down payment amounts vary between loan options and service providers; click here for more information. Recommended credit score - 680 or higher

San Diego, California

  • San Diego, port and city, seat (1850) of San Diego County, Southern California, United States. It's located along the Pacific Ocean in San Diego Bay, north of the international border with Mexico and about 120 miles (195 km) southeast of Los Angeles. The city is made up of two parts of unequal size: a more significant amount extends north and east of San Diego Bay, and a minor part extends southeast from the bay to the Mexican border. The city's location is characterized by a varied terrain of the broad mesa and wide valleys and valleys. The landscape becomes hilly in the north (particularly in the La Jolla department) and eastward toward a line of mountains along the edge of the main built-up area. The region enjoys a temperate climate and is sunny all year round. The lack of precipitation it receives mainly comes during the winter season.

More beautiful and exclusive places in San Diego, California

  • Featuring stunning beaches, vibrant nightlife, unique attractions, and beautiful architecture, San Diego - also known as "America's Best City" - is a desirable place to live. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that this top California destination is among the most expensive cities to live in the state.

Rancho Santa Fe

  • The Rancho Santa Fe, another affluent residential area in San Diego, is a perfect place for adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts. The neighborhood has 50 miles of horseback riding trails and an unusual country club for golfers. Once part of Mexico, Rancho Santa Fe was sold to the Santa Railroad in 1906, thus beginning the California chapter in its rich history. Now, it's among San Diego's most expensive cities and offers gourmet restaurants, luxury spas, and scenic parks.

Del Mar Mesa

  • Del Mar Mesa, a fairly rural community, is spread over 2,042 acres in northern San Diego County. Developed in the 2000s, the neighborhood is relatively new. Although the community was recently established, several ancient artifacts?such as 9,000-year-old pottery?have been discovered and are currently being examined by the San Diego Archaeological Center.

Carmel Valley

  • Home to the famous Valley of Carmel, the Carmel Valley has coastal communities located in one of the wealthiest regions in the country. Since its inception, the Carmel Valley has been dedicated to integrating its stunning surroundings into everyday life and residential architecture. As a result, the neighborhood transcends splendor, with wide boulevards, Spanish or Mediterranean-style homes and villas, and lush public areas. The affluent community boasts several excellent restaurants as well.

Tourist attractions in San Diego, California

  • Located in the Southern California, not far from the Mexico border, San Diego is the oldest city in California. It has enchanting natural beauty, a mild Mediterranean climate, and plenty of sunshine - perfect for outdoor adventures.
    The museums, gardens, and Spanish colonial architecture found in Balboa Park are some of the city's most famous tourist attractions. World famous San Diego Zoo and the Midway Aircraft Carrier Museum. Stroll the streets of the Old Town San Diego State Historical Park or wander the Gaslamp Quarter for a bit of history and shopping.

Balboa Park

  • Balboa Park is a vast wonderland for tourists. This 1,400-acre site includes historic buildings, several museums, parks, and green spaces. The park was created for the 1915-1916 Panama-California Exposition, and most facilities are still from that event. The predominant architecture is in the Spanish style, with low-rise buildings that blend in with the natural surroundings.
  • Among the park's highlights are the Botanical Gardens, a lily pond, the Museum of Man, the Museum of Natural History, the San Diego Museum of Art, and the famous San Diego Zoo. The park is the beautiful place to visit, even if you've never entered a building.

San Diego Zoo

  • The main tourist attraction of Balboa Park is the San Diego Zoo, one of the largest and most popular zoos in the United States. Visiting this family-friendly landmark is also one of the top things to do in San Diego with the kids. Plan at least a full day there to get the most out of your visit.
  • You can see exotic animals here, including gorillas, grizzly bears, koalas, leopards, bonobos, polar bears, rhinos, and sloths. The zoo tries to simulate a natural environment for each animal, such as rocks for Amur tigers and a calm pond for polar bears.

Gaslamp Quarter

  • Petco Park and the Convention Center, Gaslamp Quarter National Historic District is the hub of the city's nightlife. It is a great place to visit if you're looking for things to do in downtown San Diego - especially after dark.
    The restored Victorian buildings of the late 19th and early 20th centuries house bustling entertainment venues, trendy shops, art galleries, and restaurants serving every type of cuisine you can imagine, from Persian food to pizza. This is the great place to see some live jazz, comedy, or theatrical performances.

Famous Events in San Diego, California

San Diego Comic-Con International

  • The Comic-Con is a cult event attended by millions of fans of comics, cinema, and T.V. series and is the industry's most famous and influential international conference. Every July, thousands of so-called "nerds" arrive in San Diego, celebrated in recent years by the hit T.V. series Big Bang Theory (set in Pasadena). The event, which takes place over 04 days, is a complete immersion in pop culture and, given the scope of the event, encompasses the entire city of San Diego. In fact, for many years, Comic-Con extended beyond the San Diego Convention Center, which could no longer contain all the action and fans.

Events in the Gaslamp District

  • This neighborhood is known as a place where you find entertainment and events. Mardi Gras (in February or March) is a festive occasion with music, parades, many colors, and a fun atmosphere that freshens up the neighborhood... This is the time of the year to let in happy times. On Memorial Day (end of May) weekend, there is the Gaslamp Music and Arts Festival (5 & Market Sts), a free event with dancing, many types of live music, and performances at various locations in the neighborhood.
  • For a trip back in time, we recommend the Fall-Back Festival (in front of Davis Horton House, at 410 Island Ave), which is accessible in November. You'll immerse yourself in the 19th century in the Far West, where you can ride a pony, learn how to make butter or a candle, snap an antique, watch an expert farrier at work, and sift gold (you never know what you'll find!). The event also includes performances in which participants wear typical Western clothes.

Sports teams of San Diego, California

  • Sports in San Diego include one men's major professional sports team, several teams from other high-profile professional leagues, minor league teams, semi-professional athletics, and college athletics. The San Diego Padres of Major League Baseball (MLB) is the most popular and the only professional sports team in San Diego. College teams in San Diego State Aztecs are also popular locally, which play in the NCAA Division I and amateur athletics.

Petco Park has been home to the San Diego Padres since 2004

  • The city is also the home of the San Diego Wave F.C. women's national soccer team (NWSL), the San Diego Seals of the National Lacrosse League (NLL), the San Diego Legion of Rugby League (MLR), and Major Arena Soccer. In addition, the San Diego Soccer League (MASL), the IFL's San Diego Strike Force, and the San Diego Aviator's World Team Tennis (WTT) are among the top-tier professional leagues.
  • San Diego is the largest U.S. city that has not won a Super Bowl from the National Football League (NFL), the MLB World Championships, the National Basketball Association (NBA) Finals, or the National Stanley Cup. Hockey League (NHL). Currently there

Most beautiful and exclusive places to live in San Diego, California


  • Stunning views, rare trees in a nature reserve, an intricate network of trails, and several idyllic parks make Torrey Pines a nature lover's paradise. It is located in the northern part of San Diego, the 44th wealthiest community in the country. Neighborhood's downtown area offers plenty of the boutiques and jewelry stores perfect for indulging in retail treats, while first-class restaurants make great places for a night out.

La Jolla Farms

  • La Jolla Farms, as luxurious and prestigious as Torrey Pines, is a suburban utopia within the coastal community of La Jolla. Oceanfront homes boast stunning panoramic views, which justifies why La Jolla Farms is one of the most expensive neighborhoods in San Diego. Most of the original properties found in this neighborhood can be traced back to the 1950s and 1960s. Enjoy the homes' Spanish, Mediterranean, contemporary, and French architectural styles, and stop by local restaurants for healthy and delicious meals.

Torrey Hills

  • The 784-acre Torrey Hills area is one of the most expensive areas in San Diego and is a hidden gem for families looking for an excellent school system - Torrey Hills public schools have consistently high ratings. The community has a mix of urban and suburban vibes and plenty of great restaurants, cafes, and parks.