Mortgage credit to buy a house in Seattle, Washington, USA


Mortgage credit to buy a house in Seattle, Washington, USA

What credit score is required to buy a home in Seattle, Washington? Generally, lenders require a credit score of at least 620. However, you may qualify for an FHA loan with a credit score of 580 or even 500.

The 1st step in researching how to buy a home is to check your credit report. The credit score is essential because it affects whether you qualify for a loan, the type of loan, and the interest rate you will receive. But you may wonder, what credit score is required to buy a home? Different mortgage types (Conventional, FHA, State, USDA, and Jumbo) have additional credit score requirements, so it is essential to have a completed credit report to determine which home loans you may qualify for.

Generally, a credit score of 620 is the minimum for a conventional loan, although some lenders look for a score of 700 for new homebuyers. It's essential to keep in mind that the lower your credit score, the higher your interest rate is likely to be. You will likely qualify for a lower interest rate with a higher credit score. If the credit score is lower than the expected, you can research how to increase your credit score quickly to start buying a home.

Seattle, Washington

Seattle City and Seaport, Washington, United States, is the state's largest city and the commercial, industrial, and financial center of the Pacific Northwest. It is located between Elliott Bay (Puget Sound) and Lake Washington, surrounded by the Olympic Mountains and the Cascade Range. Set in 1853, it withstood an Indian attack (1856), anti-China riots (the 1880s), and a disastrous fire (1889) that emerged as a gateway to the East and Alaska. The main supply depot for gold rushes was in Yukon and Alaska (see gold rush) in the 1890s. World War II brought great prosperity to the city, with shipyards and aircraft manufacturing playing essential roles. Seattle Center, site of the 1962 World's Fair, contains the 607-foot (185 m) Space Needle. Educational institutions in Seattle include the University of Washington (1861).

More beautiful and exclusive places in Seattle, Washington

  • Since moving to Seattle 08 years ago, I've hosted many friends and family who visit from out of town. Along the way, I have discovered some hotels that are excellent places to drop in after a day of work, adventure or catch up with friends or loved ones.

Ändra Hotel

  • If you are in a mood for an upscale Scandinavian-inspired hotel still close to popular Seattle destinations, Hotel Ändra has got you covered. This elegant boutique hotel has 123 rooms, and theatres, food, and history surround the building. The actress Lana Condor of "To All the Boys" fame stayed in the hotel's warm and intimate rooms, which range from small studios to large suites.


  • If you're looking for a less noisy hotel where you can socialize and get a good night's sleep, check out one of Seattle's CitizenMv locations, one in South Lake Union and one in Pioneer Square.
    All rooms have the same comfortable size and modern design; you can book a room with a view for an additional fee. It offers free Wi-Fi, power showers, blackout curtains, and luggage storage. A lobby bar full of colorful accents and chandeliers for socializing and large common spaces. However, there is no on-site parking, so be prepared to find street parking or an overnight garage.

Green Tortoise Hostel

  • For a hostel close to Seattle's sights and experiences, the Green Tortoise Hostel in downtown Seattle is a great option. It offers the private bathrooms, a communal kitchen, luggage storage, a loaded breakfast buffet, and more.
    Depending on the preference, you can book a mixed room, a ladies-only room, or a private room. Each bed has a personal storage locker, and standard rooms have curtains for privacy. And if you're traveling alone or on a budget and want to meet people, join one of our free bi-weekly ice cream social media or free/pay-as-you-go walking tours.

Tourist attractions in Seattle, Washington

Seattle is the cultural capital of the Pacific Northwest. This legendary city has grown from its wild surroundings into a vibrant, forward-looking town at the forefront of innovation. So today, whether you're looking for an urban adventure or outdoor fun, Seattle combines it into an unforgettable visiting experience.

Seattle Center and Space Needle

The Seattle Center, Space Needle, and Monorail were initially built for the 1962 World's Fair. It has since been the converted into an entertainment complex and park area with theaters, sports facilities, and restaurants.
Modern tourist attractions now dot the area, including multi-genre exhibits at the Museum of Pop Culture and exquisite glass artwork in Chihuly and Glass Park. Seattle's the best radio station, KEXP, also operates out of the studio in the Seattle Center, where music fans often have a reason to gather.

Pike Place Market

  • Vendors offer a wide range of items on the two floors of the picturesque Pike Place Market. This busy area near a waterfront is a popular tourist spot throughout spring, summer, and fall. Market tours are a perfect way to break through the bustle of Pike Place and hear some unusual stories.

    Fish, fruits, vegetables, and all odds and ends excite taste buds and camera lenses. If you do not have the hotel facilities for cooking some seafood, head to one of the 80 local restaurants and bakeries or pick out the goodies to bring home from one of the specialty food stores.

Discovery Park

  • The Discovery Park covers nearly 550 acres and is the largest park in the city and one of the best beaches in Seattle. It's located on a significant sounding point from the Magnolia neighborhood, just west of downtown. The park includes the shoreline, woodland, and meadows, providing a true escape from the city and providing a habitat for wildlife.

Famous Events in Seattle, Washington


Since 1971, on this Labor Day holiday, the three-day festival has been Seattle's last summer. Held under the Space Needle and aptly called Bumbershoot (an old slang term for an umbrella), it is one of North America's largest annual international music and arts festivals. The festival also showcases other forms of the art, including comedy and film, featuring an eclectic music scene (Bob Dylan, Weiser, and J. Cole all graced the stage at one point).


Seattle is the ideal place to spend the summer in a city surrounded by salt and fresh water. Since 1950, Seafair has celebrated just that when hosting about eight weeks of events from June through August. The 75 events include the Torchlight Parade and the popular Seafair Weekend, where everyone with a boat goes into the water to watch the Blue Angels, seaplane races, and sunsets as they transform into red Rainier Mountain.

Fremont Solstice Parade

A local favorite, Fremont Solstice Parade is held on the longest day of the year in Seattle's most artsy neighborhood. Anyone can participate in this comprehensive, creative, people-powered show (no engines!). However, written messages that generate expression in all kinds of unique shapes aren't allowed: be prepared for nude drawn objects of all shapes and sizes to dominate the street.

Sports teams of Seattle, Washington

Seattle Seahawks

Perhaps one of the most popular sports teams in Seattle and beloved by our Seattle moving companies, the Seattle Seahawks are an American professional football team that competes in the National Football League (NFL). Founded in 1976, they have won 11 divisional titles and three conference championships. In addition, the Seahawks are the only team to have played in AFC and NFC Championship matches.

Seattle Mariners

Another team that Seattle's professional mover support is the Seattle Mariners, a professional baseball team that competes in Major League Baseball (MLB). Founded in 1977, it won 3 league championships and set the MLS record for most victories in a season in 2001. Mariners is the only team that has never played in a World Championship.

Seattle Sounders FC

Seattle Sounders Football Club is a professional football club that competes in Major League Soccer (MLS) as a member of the Western Conference. Starting in 2007, they are one of the most successful teams in the league, winning the US Open four times and the MLS Cup twice. In addition, the team was awarded the Ansar Shield in 2014.

Most beautiful and exclusive places to live in Seattle, Washington


The atmosphere in Fremont is similar to that of Queen Anne. Tenants are plentiful, and home prices are high. Still, young professionals looking for a place to find their directions (and an apartment) will love the speed and fun-loving liberal tech workers that populate this bustling neighborhood.
Weekend outdoor warriors will especially enjoy the Bourke Gilman Trail, a great place for runners and cyclists to de-stress or get some exercise. The Sunday market is a hub for antiques and food truck addicts alike.


Ballard is a chic bay neighborhood with a little bit of everything that makes people fall in love with Seattle. Suppose you've ever visited the city as a tourist. In that case, you're probably familiar with the famous Chittenden Salmon Locks (also known as Ballard Locks, nicknamed The Locks) and catch a view of the mountains in this charming and trendy cover.

Seattleites here get a constant visual reminder of the outdoors and an abundance of breweries, leisure stores, and cafés with award-winning espresso coffees. The neighborhood has proud Scandinavian roots and prides itself on a happy lifestyle.

South Lake Union

South Lake Union immediately comes to mind as the ideal hub for young professionals looking to buy a home in Seattle. Apartments are the next step; if you buy one, you'll be in the heart of the industry. The Amazon headquarters brings in a lot of traffic and, of course, a lot of jobs. Get ready for a drastic change around you as the disruptions and gigantic new developments in retail technology continue.

If that last sentence scares you, don't worry, South Lake Union may still be a perfect place for you. Despite corporate takeovers, it's still a great, livable neighborhood with a bit of a nightlife vibe and a greater focus on healthy living. In addition, the abundance of groceries and well-equipped gyms for every type of exercise makes daily life here ideal for anyone with work ambitions and healthy habits.