Best Real Estate Companies in Canada


Best Real Estate Companies in Canada

Concord Pacific

Concord Pacific, founded by Terry Hoy, is one of the leading real estate companies in the country as of today. Moreover, this company has also distinguished its name in the real estate market outside Canada.
Concord has built more than 150 apartments and mixed-use complexes, with another 50 in various stages of development.

Headquartered in Vancouver, it has multiple assets related to telecommunications, solar, renewable energy, and other similar assets. Thus, they promote sustainability in the every real estate investment they make.
This real estate company is also one of the best in the country, and all of its thriving communities are described as "defining the horizon." They not only build according to the latest sustainability requirements but also conduct several green energy programs.

  • Some projects by Concord Pacific
  • Concord Pacific Place
  • Central Residential Units
  • King's Landing
  • Park George II
  • Galleria

Onni group

The Onni Group has been the best real estate companies in the country for 56 years. Moreover, the company is known for its first-class commercial properties and residential homes. To date, it has developed an additional 15,000 dwellings.

Oni owned real estate in several parts of the North America, especially Ontario. Besides Vancouver, it has offices in the Seattle, Los Angeles, British Columbia, Toronto, and other similar regions.
This real estate developer credits his vision to creating world-class urban cities with great design, creativity, and sustainability. In addition, to reduce the environmental impact of their properties, they adopt the principles of green architecture, energy-efficient equipment, and original materials. Hence, their local knowledge and diverse team care for these excellent assets.

Some of the projects of the Oni Group:

  • Riva
  • Campi Gardens
  • Fortune at the Fort York
  • Gilmore Place
  • Atria West

Westbank Corp.

This Canadian real estate company has the global presence. Westbank Corp. has generated a market capitalization of $50 million since its inception in 1992. Moreover, it owns residences as well as commercial towers. However, they are still developing their reputation in retail real estate, especially in Calgary.
Westbank Corp. has earned this success due to a high degree of technical prowess in every property it designs and manages. Likewise, the company has provided services on several carbon-neutral construction projects and LEED-certified parks in the country.
As a result, this real estate developer has garnered much praise from its clients for its outstanding business.

Some of Westbank Corp's projects:

  • Telus Garden
  • Butterfly
  • The Orchard Residential
  • Bank of Italy
  • Energy Center

Westcorp Property Management Inc

The Westcorp is a real estate investment trust that has generated significant sales also through its commercial real estate assets in the Canada. In addition to its "office" business, the company provides development and brokerage services in the retail, hospitality, and residential markets.

The company's 35-year history has shown them what real estate occupants want. As a result, Westcorp Property Management has also improved its services, leading the company to Canada's list of top real estate companies.

Some of the projects by Westcorp Property Management:

  • Downtown Hotel
  • Whitehall Square
  • Victoria Plaza
  • Baywood Park

Daniels Company

Real estate investors in Canada are well known for this famous real estate company headquartered in Toronto. The Daniels family manufactures single-family homes, apartment developments, and commercial assets.

This company has captured a considerable market in Toronto, Brampton, Thornhill, and Mississauga in Canada. Moreover, each community notes its dedication to innovative design, quality building, and social consequences. Furthermore, none of its development failed to promote sustainability.

Some projects by Daniels:

  • Artwork Tower
  • Kindred Condominiums
  • Hi Park Condos
  • New York Towers
  • Kilgore Estates

Pinnacle International

Pinnacle is also among the popular real estate companies in Canada. The company provides development, property management, and property planning services.

Subsequently, Pinnacle's initiatives helped grow communities while enriching them through contrasting architectural styles.

Some projects by Pinnacle International:

  • PJ  apartments
  • waterfall
  • prestige
  • Sorrento
  • cypress

Sorbara Group of Companies

The Sorbara Group the best real estate companies in the market, the Sorbara offers commercial brokerage services in the market at 25%. It is a 75-year-old family business, a comprehensive family-owned and operated sales, development, engineering, investment, and property management company in Canada.
For example, high-rise residences, offices, industrial facilities, and commercial establishments are part of their investment spectrum.