Best Company Real Estate in France


Best Company Real Estate in France

JLL France

  • JLL France, a real estate consultancy, accompanies and assists companies and investors in all their real estate issues. JLL's activity covers all French territory. Four hundred fifty employees specialize in office, commercial building, trading, logistics, hotel, and hospitality. JLL is also involved in office design and fit-out, property valuation, sustainability, healthcare, and data centers.

    They are Redman. They develop real estate projects for innovative cities.
    In practice, REDMAN embodies an intelligent combination of an independent organization with a multidisciplinary team to create innovative solutions for complex projects.
    REDMAN has developed a capacity for creativity that allows it to offer new solutions.

Red ingredient

  • REDMAN is an asset developer, an innovative blend of asset management and real estate development designed to maximize value creation

Man component

  • REDMAN is committed to remaining financially independent at the human level to protect the value chain at every stage of project development.


  • Founded in 1991, Michele Symonds is the leading national network for commercial, business, commercial real estate, and professional loan brokers.
    MICHEL SIMOND's network of 50 business offices celebrates 20 years of existence.
    Their expertise spreads in different areas of intervention: CHR (restaurant, pub, theme bar, brewery, hotel...), other specialized trades, business, commercial real estate, printing press, booksellers, and pastry bakeries.


  • With more than 250 employees and 19 locations in France, we offer tailor-made solutions to individuals and organizations in the real estate field: management, leasing, transaction, promotion, and expertise .
    They continue to evolve in the region and are committed to innovation to meet your expectations best.
    Their customer orientation, professionalism, and the continuous development of their teams' skills define the quadruple assets to the success of your projects together.


  • BCH IMMO is a real estate agency specializing in professional, corporate, and commercial real estate in Marseille and its surroundings. BCH IMMO is, above all, professional and has the desire to satisfy each customer best.


  • In the context of real estate activity, whether for the sale, acquisition, or management of the real estate, a specialized agency is an essential partner. L'AGENCE DU PANIER in Marseille has been offering services for more than 20 years to secure all your transactions. Located in the heart of the historic Panier district in Marseille, L'AGENCE DU PANIER specializes in commerce and property management.


  • PATRIMONY specializes in commercial real estate consultancy in Bouches-du-Rhone. They support investors and companies using offices, warehouses, industrial plots, or retail premises to search for their area locations efficiently. Whether the real estate need is clearly defined or not yet identified, their team supports users throughout their project, from the first contact to the implementation of the specified solution.

Tatham Real Estate Solutions

  • Ownership solutions provide corporate tenants impartial analysis and independent support for their interests.
    It is active throughout France and other European countries, advising clients on cost-cutting issues through portfolio sizing, renegotiation of leases, and disposal of surplus holdings.
    They never work for the realtors, 100% on your side - no conflict of interest.

Savonitto Cabinet

  • Their real estate agency, located in the heart of the Endome region of Marseille, supports you in all purchase, sale, and rental projects in Marseille and its surroundings. They also offer a rental management service that provides insurance against unpaid rent, allowing them to ensure the profitability of your real estate investment so you can enjoy it with confidence.

Mercure Group

  • Since 1936, the Mercure Collection has been offering heritage enthusiasts a full range of personalities across France. Their group confirms its expertise through "Mercury Commitment": expertise - exclusive franchise, giving their clients the right to high-quality services and benefits. The French art of life, heritage, unique places, and preserved places; are some of the criteria that guide us to their clients.

Home France

  • Home France supports companies and individuals outside Europe at all stages of their real estate investment projects in France, by proxy and without a physical presence.
    They rely on their network of expert agencies in several cities outside Europe to report (seminars) and work with their current and future investors.
  • They and their clients define a coherent and realistic investment goal following their budget, from basic-priced apartments to luxury homes.

Stéphane Plaza Immobilier

  • Over the past four years, the Stéphane Plaza Immobilier Network has allowed entrepreneurs to embark on a new real estate adventure.
  • Their strength is due to various digital developments and our dynamic branch network. In addition, their real estate advisors are trained in these new methods, with a strong awareness of home staging and property valuation.