Visit USA Service Travel Insurance for Medical Tourism Complication


Visit USA Service Travel Insurance for Medical Tourism Complication

Atlas of America

  • Atlas America is one of the best insurance options for visitors. It is a reputable insurance company authorized and regulated by the United States Department of Insurance. Atlas America claims are handled in the USA.
    The insurance plan, operated by HCC MIC, is designed to provide medical insurance coverage for visitors and emergency medical services to individuals and families traveling to the United States of America.
    It provides acute onset coverage for pre-existing medical conditions but with some limitations.
    Within the PPO network, also you can get up to the 100% coverage. Outside the PPO network, insurance allows you to get medical help from many doctors, medical facilities, and hospitals.

Cover America ? Gold

  • The Cover America is the most popular travel health insurance plans that provide 100% coverage after a discount. In addition, this insurance has the myriad of features, making it an ideal choice for travel medical insurance for people in America.
    Cover America provides coverage against passport loss, border protection, and missed and returned flights.
    Apart from all this, insurance is available for the pre-existing health conditions you suffer from.
    Anyone up to the age of 69 can purchase this insurance. The maximum coverage you can get under this insurance is the $125,000, while for treatments like heart and stroke, the entire range is $36,000.

Patriot America Plus

  • The Patriot America plus Insurance is another best visitor insurance for the parents visiting the USA. If you want to choose to get medical care outside of this network, the insurance will pay 80%. Patriot America Plus insurance can be obtained by non-US citizens, green card holders, and US citizens visiting the country for a short period. The insurance covers medical conditions such as accidents, injuries, intensive care unit, surgery, MRI, and laboratory work. Like Cover America, this plan covers a time frame ranging from 5 days to 365 days.

Liaison Travel Choice

  • Liaison Travel Choice is counted among the best health insurance plans for the visitors to the USA. After all, he pays as much as $30,000 for pre-existing health conditions. On top of that, travelers get free discounted care at most pharmacies in the United States. After the deductible, the insurance plan pays up to the 90% within the PPO network, while outside the web, it pays up to 80%. The insurance company pays the 90% of the first $5,000 and then covers 100% of anything within the network.


  • If you are looking for basic travel medical insurance, ChoiceAmerica may be an ideal choice. This visitor insurance plan is managed by the IMG (International Medical Insurance). For those who do not know what visitor health insurance is, it is a short-term travel of the medical insurance policy that enables visitors visiting any country to obtain coverage protection for accidental injury or illness.
  • This insurance differs from other insurance options because it allows you to visit any of a doctor or hospital that you find best for you. Furthermore, the insurance plan has a pre-set limit for each medical service that takes guesswork out of the equation. The insurance plan also covers cruises and theme parks in North and South America.
    Note: This plan is not available to the residents of the United States. However, the visitor visiting the United States from any country can benefit from this plan.

International Major Medical

  • The International Medical Master Plan is managed by PIU Lloyd's of London. If you need to purchase short-term visitor medical insurance to visit the United States, you can also consider this option. It's intended to provide coverage to those persons temporarily working in the United States, recent immigrants, and short-term visitors to the United States of America. The insurance plan gives you the coverage from 10 days to 11 months. With the plan, you get the policy from $50,000 to $1,000,000. The insurance policy is prevalent among the age group of 70 to 84. The company accepts and approves the request quickly. Then, once you pay for it, your insurance is confirmed instantly.

Patriot platinum insurance

  • Patriot Platinum, operated by IMG, is a travel medical insurance plan that covers all basic expenses from traditional travel insurance. It's a good plan for seniors aged 70 to 79. The insurance plan has received good feedback and reviews from customers. All of its claims are handled in the United States. Within the POP network, the insurance plan reimburses up to 100%. When you are out of network, you get 90% off your first $5,000 and then 100% of the policy cap.