Mortgage to buy a house in San Francisco, California, USA


Mortgage to buy a house in San Francisco, California, USA

Before looking for a home, you must take the time to get pre-approved for a mortgage first. This step is essential anywhere but necessary when buying a home in San Francisco, where sellers receive all cash offers and expect a quick closing.

Regular pre-approval may work, but getting pre-approved with a full subscription is a good idea. This is a step beyond pre-approval, which means that all underwriting of your loan takes place except for the underwriting of the property. After you submit your documents and check your credit score, you will receive a letter of commitment that makes your offer much more vital because you can close in as little as seven days.

Take the time to choose a lender that has a loan option that best suits your needs. You will likely need a hefty loan, but you may need a lender familiar with your circumstances. For example, if your compensation package includes restricted stock units, find a lender with experience underwriting mortgages with us. Depending on the type of the property you are looking for, you may need a mortgage-specific product such as a TIC loan or a co-op loan.

Go House Hunting in San Francisco

If you are buying a home for the first time in San Francisco, make sure you have realistic expectations. Focus on the absolute must-haves and deal-breakers. The real estate agent can help you explore the neighborhoods best suit your budget, lifestyle, and requirements.

When you attend open houses, use it as an opportunity to determine the scope of your competition, including how many potential buyers are hearing and whether they are looking for a home or investment property. It's also an excellent time to get detection packages from your listing agent that warn of known pre-existing conditions like dry mold and foundation issues.

San Francisco

In San Francisco, there is almost too much beauty. But sometimes, it's hard to remember when fog obscures our view in the middle of a dreary winter.
More beautiful and exclusive places in San Francisco

The Top of the Nob Hill from Huntington Park

Take a seat at Huntington Park while gazing at the stunning surroundings: Grace Cathedral, Fairmont Hotel, Top of the Mark, and Pacific-Union Club.

The Painted Ladies

From the Full House to Fuller House, these beauties never get old.

Palace Of Fine Arts

The relic of the 1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition, this architectural marvel is one of the all-time favorites even if it is the default site for the engagement photos and tourist snapshots.

Tourist attractions

Nestled along the ocean, with rolling hills and the famous Golden Gate Bridge, the San Francisco is the most beautiful cities in the United States and a gem of Northern California. The city is full of a history, great neighborhoods, parks, beaches, museums, and a whole host of entertainment options and things to do.
The most popular tourist attractions are Alcatraz Island and Fisherman's Wharf, but the sightseeing possibilities here are vast. The San Francisco's Chinatown is the largest of its kind in the North America and is worth a visit. For an exciting experience, hop on one of the historic cable cars and tour the city.

1. Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge is a California icon thaht overlloks the San Francisco Bay. It's the city's most photographed location, with an orange structure backed by blue water or, in many cases, culminating through a low cloud. At night, the floodlit facility is equally stunning.
Connecting the San Francisco with Marin County and other areas to the north, the Golden Gate Bridge was, at one time, the most incredible artificial sight in the United States the US Travel Agency. Opened on May 28, 1937, bridge took four years to build, and at the time of its completion, it was a longest suspension bridge in the world, measuring nearly two miles in length.

If you want to drive over a Golden Gate Bridge, the route is US Hwy 101, or SAR 1, and lanes on either side of the bridge are open to pedestrians and cyclists. The walk begins at the beginning of the bridge (accessible from the Presidio shuttle) and ends at a viewing point in Marin County.

2. Alcatraz Island

The notorious historic Alcatraz prison, located on Alcatraz Island in San Francisco Bay, is one of the most famous prisons in America. It operated for about thirty years, closed in 1963, and reopened as a tourist attraction in 1973. Some of America's most notorious criminals were inmates here, including Al Capone and "Birdman," who would later form the basis of the fantasy film The Birdman of Alcatraz.
You can take a ferry to the island and tour a site while listening to the exceptional audio recording that offers some glimpses into life in prison rather than just a chronological list of facts. The novel is voiced even by former prisoners and guards of Alcatraz.

Over 30 years of its existence, the prison received a total of 1,576 convicts. There were no more than 250 cells at a time, although there were 450 cells that measured about 10 feet by 4 feet. Sometimes the number of guards and staff was more significant than the number of convicts.

3. Fishermen's Wharf

The Fisherman's Wharf is the most popular tourist attractions in San Francisco. If this is the first visit to the city and you only have a day or two to see the sights, the Fisherman's Wharf is one of the best places to visit. Once the Little Italy of San Francisco, this old section is known for its beautiful shops, restaurants, and atmosphere along the waterfront. The views from the Pier 39 back towards the city are exceptional.
It is a fun place to walk around and taste the city. From here, you can also take some sightseeing cruise for stunning city views or organize a fishing trip. The docks next to Pier 39 are one of the best areas in town to spot sea lions.
Some of the main attractions in the area are Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, Mechanic Museum, Ripley's Believe It or Not! and Ghirardelli Square. In addition, restored ships from the 19th and 20th centuries line the waterfront at Hyde Street Pier, now the San Francisco Marine National Historical Park.

Industries in San Francisco, California

San Francisco is home to more than the 300+ IT companies - including many of the industry's leading companies. As of December 2016, San Francisco metropolitan area supports a workforce of more than 71,000 professional IT professionals?a 165% increase over December 2006. In addition, the area has a largest concentration of research universities and federal research institutions in the state, and its colleges and universities produce more Ph.D. More scientists and engineers than any other metropolitan area in the United States, the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), Berkeley, and the Stanford University, among others, are critical drivers of innovation, entrepreneurship, and technology transfer. ranks Stanford University and UC Berkeley as the top two sites in the country for doctoral programs in computer science.

Several signs indicate that the Gulf region will remain a haven for information technology and software innovation. More than 80% of San Francisco households have high-speed Internet access ? above state and national averages. In the 3rd quarter of 2017, the Internet segment received the highest percentage of Bay Area VC investment, followed by the healthcare segment. Together, the two account for about 70% of Bay Area VC's investment. The San Francisco also topped the CBRE Tech-Thirty Report for the fifth year and was ranked first among US cities for economic potential by fDi magazine. The city's superior livability, unique cultural landscape, technology research network, and leading educational institutions continue to attract the talented and also educated workforce that drives successful IT businesses.

Famous Events in San Francisco, California

No matter when you visit San Francisco, something exciting is always going on. Whether it is a fireworks display, a road race, a cultural event, or a beer festival, it is pretty much impossible to get bored on a day in San Francisco. So, check out our list of the top annual San Francisco events so you can attend one the next time you're in the bayside city.

New Year's fireworks over the bay

If you're welcoming the New Year in San Francisco, there are a few better ways to do it than watching the fireworks over the bay at midnight. This is a free event in the Embarcadero from the Mission to Folsom, and it is recommended to go south of Ferry Building near the Pier 14 for the best views. The fireworks display usually lasts about 15 minutes and is synchronized with music with loudspeakers along the Corniche. You can also watch New Year's Eve fireworks from the Yerba Buena Island, Treasure Island, or Telegraph Hill. Alternatively, you can also buy tickets for a fireworks cruise and watch the show from outside on the water for a special treat.

Chinese New Year Parade

San Francisco has the busiest and most historic Chinatowns in America, so be sure to attend the upcoming Chinese New Year Parade if you can. It usually happens in February with multiple events and locations around town. It is one of the best parades worldwide and is truly a feast for the senses. Apart from the parade, other festival events include the Basketball Festival, Flower Market Fair, Miss Chinatown Pageant, Street Fair, and 5K/10KM Walking or Running.

Cherry Blossom Festival

Another fun way to learn about different San Francisco cultures is to attend the Cherry Blossom Festival in the Japan town. Event features a parade, cultural performances, martial arts performances, live music, and many more traditional activities that define the way of life in Japan. The Cherry Blossom Festival in Northern California usually takes place in mid-April and attracts more than 220,000 people. Attending the event is free, but some special events require a fee, and food vendors also change their products.
Sports teams of San Francisco, California

San Francisco 49ers

National Football League franchise in the Santa Clara, California
The San Francisco 49ers are the American professional soccer team in the San Francisco Bay Area. The 49 players are currently members of the Western Division of the National Football Conference (NFC) in the National Football League (NFL). The team is now playing its home games at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, California.

Dolphin Club (San Francisco)

The Dolphin Club, also known as Dolphin Swimming and Boat Club, is a sports club in San Francisco, California. It offers outdoor swimming, kayaking, and 4-wall handball services.

Olympic Club RFC

The Olympic Club RFC is a Pacific Rugby Premier Team based in San Francisco, California. The rugby team, known as the OC, or Winged 'O' ruggers, was formed in 1908 under the wing of the San Francisco Olympic Club, a private sports and social club founded in 1860.

San Francisco Sales (Great Western League)

San Francisco Sils is a group summer club for wood bats based in Alameda, California, representing the San Francisco Bay Area. Founded in 1985, they joined the Great West League in 2017 after replacing the Yuba City Bears, who went dormant the same day that the seals were announced as new members.

Most beautiful and exclusive places to live in San Francisco

Mission District

Living in the Mission District means getting more than just access to the best burritos in San Francisco. Named after the iconic 18th-century Mission Dolores, San Francisco's oldest surviving building, the Mission District is known for its original taco shops, trendy local boutiques, lively nightclubs, and unique cocktail lounges.
This ever-evolving neighborhood has experienced massive growth over the years, with more families and young professionals moving to the area due to the technology industry. Surrounded by picturesque murals and colorful streets, street art alone should make you want to visit the mission. While neighborhood may not be known for its safety ratings, and you probably don't want to wander around alone at night, this neighborhood is full of culture and should be considered a place to call home.

North Beach

Often called "Little Italy," the North Beach neighborhood is home to a large Italian-American population. Living in North Beach is an excellent option for residents who work downtown near the Financial District and Chinatown. Find authentic Italian pizzerias, trattorias, cafés and gelato all over the city. Also known as the nightlife district, you will find yourself surrounded by quirky nightclubs and handcrafted cocktail bars.
As this charming neighborhood is known for its local history and Italian heritage, North Beach has risen to top as one of the city's many popular tourist destinations. Perfect for families, young couples, and retirees alike, living in North Beach means being surrounded by plenty of open green spaces and parks and an abundance of things to do. In our opinion - North Beach is one of the best neighborhoods to call home in San Francisco, California.

Russian hill

The upscale Russian Hill neighborhood is located on one of San Francisco's 44 hills. Initially named by settlers who discovered a hilltop Russian cemetery during the Gold Rush, this neighborhood is rich in history that locals love to explore.

Home to one of the city's most popular tourist attractions, check out Lombard Street, the "most crooked street of the world." If you decide to bring the car into town, it is a right of way to drive your vehicle on this street at least once. Russian Hill has the perfect blend of modern and classic hotspots with plenty of shops, restaurants, and bars.

The neighborhood is also home to many footpaths and open green spaces that provide a great workout or a nice place to enjoy the day.